7 Fantastically Free Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account


Instagram has become one of the best and free tools for reaching your target market with hundreds of millions of daily active users. So why don’t you try Instagram to grow your brand till now?

Whether you’re just started or been in the business for a while, there’s always a chance to learn and implement new strategies and successfully promote your Instagram account.

Instagram is growing day by day and competition also. There is a lot of competition nowadays on Instagram as all the companies and organizations are trying to put their brand on top in the market.

As Facebook focuses on connecting people with content from family and friends, Instagram has become the new home for brands to promote where the engagement is very high, and followers are brand loyal, and business can easily achieve their goals.

On Instagram, you can’t just plunge into a posting and expect results. Yes, continuity is necessary, but it should be a part of your strategy for promoting your Instagram Account.

So what are the great ways to promote your Instagram Account? So in this post, you’re going through the 7 best strategies which are gonna help you to promote your Instagram Account.

Before you start promoting your Instagram account, first make sure that you properly set up your account, which involves having a business profile, make sure it public, and complete your bio.

Make sure you have an Instagram Business Account:

Before you start promoting and attracting more peoples to your Instagram business account, make sure your account is of a business profile. If you’re using a personal-use Instagram account for your brand, switch it to an Instagram Business account, which is very easy to do.

At the bottom right of your home screen select the person icon, then click on the wheel shape option in the screen’s right top corner. This will take you to the “Options” screen where you can select the “Switch to Business Profile”.  It will change your personal-use account to a business account and start promoting your brand’s Instagram business account.

On your Business Website: Almost every consumer expects social media icons to be on a brand’s business website, typically at the bottom or right sidebar, so be sure to add those social media icons and links to your website.

In addition, if you’re business is dependent on visuals like photos, interior designs, or landscapes, etc. you must have a page where your Instagram feed is embedded.

Regularly Post on Your Instagram Stories: Instagram stories are like slideshow format that is only visible for 24 hours in your Instagram stories feed. Instagram stories can contain pictures, videos, polls, surveys, stickers, and many more. It’s a great way place to showcase more raw and transparent content that helps to make your business more relatable.

Users love Instagram stories, so using this feature regularly is a great way for your account to promote.  You can use Instagram stories in a variety of ways.

Complete Your Business Profile: Incomplete Instagram profiles look very unattractive. TO complete your profile, include useful and important details about your business, use high-quality images, and make sure that your business profile is written in your brand voice. In addition, add your business website link in your bio.

As a brand or company, you need to do a lot of things and more solutions. Don’t get caught up in fitting only 150 characters. Focus on your most important USPs or your next big things like an event or product launch. Think of driving more event registrations or even purchases.

Follow and Work with Instagram Influencers: Instagram is the biggest and strongest social media platform for collaborations and sharing customers’ success stories to attract more customers. Even small brands with low budgets can collaborate with Instagram influencers by working with micro-influencers; people with a lower but dedicated following.

Running an Influencer collaboration can boost your profile exposure on Instagram. The main benefit of this strategy is that regularly interacting with the influencer can help you to stay up-to-date with industry information and popular trends in your niche industry.

Post at the Right Time: It is important to posting regularly and consistently on Instagram but do not over-promote your account. With posting regularly, posting o the right time is equally important. The right time varies to your target audiences, business type, etc.

For example, if your target audience is mostly executives, the best time to post might be at the close of their work around 5-6 pm or in the morning. Experiment and closely look at your analytics to find out the right time which posting will be most effective in promoting your account.

Take Advantage of Trends: Trends could be the most powerful tools for promoting your Instagram account. A trend could be as simple as using some new features, as fun as doing the new viral challenges, etc.

Putting new and quality posts about trending topics will likely result in increasing your followers and expanding your reach further and helping to reach out to your business goals. But don’t forget to use the associated hashtags!


Now we provide the most powerful ideas to promote your account. Choose one or a few strategies and set some goals and see the benefits.

Promoting your business account will help you to build a quality audience that can benefit you by purchasing your products or services. This type of engagement will surely help you to win the trust and gain customers through your marketing strategy.


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