6 Powerful Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page


With more than 2.3 billion monthly users of Facebook, several business owners try to make their identity with their Facebook Business Page. More than 60 million businesses already have Facebook Business pages and showing off their services to attract customers or building audiences.

A Facebook page allows you to tell your brand story, create a relationship with the audience, and accomplish business goals. If there’s any metric that business owners cannot ignore, it has to be engagement. Which is any type of action your visitors perform on your Facebook page. Anything from like to comment on your post contributes to the engagement of a page. The higher your business page engagement, the better your reach.

The reason why high engagement holds an important role in Facebook marketing is because it helps to reach out to the targeted audience organically, without spending money on PPC ads. This can surely help you to reach your marketing goals like more traffic, generating leads, and increasing sales.

However, as more and more businesses join Facebook for marketing, it’s becoming harder to maintain and grow your engagement rate. Those days are gone when you just post some content, and the majority of your followers engage with it. It’s no longer the case.

So it’s time to strategize and analyze how you create and share content on Facebook. Give your audience what they want. Or you will struggle to increase your organic reach.

All your business need is a strong and effective engagement strategy that works if you want to get a better response from your Facebook marketing efforts.

In this article, we will be looking into how you can increase Facebook engagement.

Create Share-Worthy Content: Facebook is a social platform where peoples love to share content that is useful and knowledgeable. The first step to boost Facebook engagement is to create content that is worthy.

Your Facebook audience is not there to hear sales pitch from you. So don’t try to sell something to your audience. Unless it’s a direct promotion of a product, they wouldn’t share if it sounds too salesy. What they want to engage with those content that improves their lives somehow. Share-worthy content gives readers value and gives them a reason to spread it with the world. It’s relevant to your targeted audience and connects to them on a deeper level.

The content you can create could be…

  • Educational Blogs
  • Entertaining Videos
  • Industry Information
  • Braking News
  • Newly Launched Products Information

Create original content that adds value to your audience and makes them feel good when they share it with others.

Use Videos: When it comes to Facebook Marketing, many peoples thought that just posting high-quality images was the best idea they do for engagement. When we looked at recent data, it shows that video beats images when it comes to engagement.

To engage more audiences, you have to use more video, whether that’s simple video posting videos on your page or using Facebook live.

Analyze Best Time to Post: The more people interact with your page, the better engagement you get on your Facebook Page. In order to boost the chance of more audiences like, comment, or share your content, try to post when they’re most likely online. However, finding the right posting time depends upon many different factors. Which is why you need to analyze your posts insight data.

You can also try to post your content on times that are outside the business hours, for example, early morning, late night, or weekends. The goal is to publish your content at times when the majority of Facebook users are online. So the best times vary by business.

Use Facebook Live: On average, people spend 3x times more watching a Facebook live session compared to a normal video, resulting in higher conversion and engagement. Many businesses that are using Facebook live to push unique and attention-grabbing content to boost up their product releases, create awareness for their upcoming events, connect directly with their audiences and drive traffic to their online stores.

The best benefit of using Facebook Live is that it lets you connect and engage with your target audience at a much more intimate level. Helping you create a level of trust and bonding.

Post Less Often: In the rust to post more content to our page, you may be losing out the opportunity to engage or people. Research shows that at the time posting regularly to your business page may lead to less engagement in terms of clicks per post. So posting often is the key to better engagement.

For example, a study shows pages that have 5,000 followers receive fewer clicks to content posted if they posted more than 50 times in one month. They discovered that you’re most likely to receive higher engagement when you post 4-5 times per week on your Facebook pages.

Add Stories to Your Company’s Timeline: Like Instagram stories, Facebook stories appear at the top of the news feed. That’s the great placement for drawing attention to your content.

Stories running across your profile’s timeline generate ore interests and engagement than standard posts and allow you to highlight company.

This way of sharing content allows you to post as often as you like.


Driving engagement on your Facebook page may be challenging for you. Invest more time into creating and sharing relevant content posts rather than for the sake of just posting. Try to focus on quality over quantity.

One thing you should need to keep in mind when using these tactics that it may take time for the results to show. It took some time to figure out what works best for your Facebook Page.


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