5 Tools for Facebook Advertisement- Ads Management Tools for Facebook


Advertising on Facebook has become a core marketing strategy for thousands of businesses. We all want to squeeze more juice out of our Facebook advertising campaigns, but plenty of hurdles stand in the way. Some of us are not understanding to identify what changes we need to make to get more visibility and engagement for our Facebook posts. Others know exactly what they want to implement in their campaigns, but don’t have resources to pull it off.

Want better results from your Facebook Advertising? Looking for ways to optimize your ads? Want to find better ways of managing your Facebook advertising? In this blog post, I’m going to share 5 best Facebook advertising tools that will help you to improve your ROI.

Facebook advertising is getting popular year by year. The reason for this, because it’s cheap, it’s highly targeted, easy to control your budget, and it gets results.

So, here are five best Facebook advertising tools that will help you to achieve better results from your campaign ads.

Facebook Ad Manager: What better place to get advice, information, and guidance than Facebook itself?

Facebook’s own Ad Manager is the first and for advertisers only. Facebook ad manager is versatile and offers great information, from the performance of specific campaigns over time, a summary of campaign total daily spend and campaign goal, and several other data points can be seen on Ads Manager Dashboard.

With Facebook Ads Manager, you have access to all of the marketing tools necessary to create an audience targeted ads. This is the most basic marketing tool in the market, but it doesn’t mean that it has nothing to offer. Facebook makes it extremely simple. All you have to fully understand this tool if you want to reach your marketing goals.

Cost: Facebook Ad Manager is free of cost.

Qwaya: One of the finest tools for creating Facebook Advertising campaigns, Qwaya is the perfect solution for marketing experts. It is a professional advertising tool for both Instagram and Facebook.

Qwaya has all the tools any media marketer needs to get started with and manage a successful Facebook ad campaign.

The most amazing thing is you can create split (A/B) testing for both your ads and also for your audience. You can also schedule your campaign to a certain day and time when your ROI is highest. Why run ads when your target audience is not online and ready to buy? It is a waste of money, time, and marketing effort.

Cost: Qwaya offers three plans- Premium, Business, and Agency, priced at $149/month, 249/month, and 349/month respectively.

Hootsuite: You can’t ignore that Hootsuite is one of the biggest names across the world of social networks, with thousands of businesses and brands using the service to schedule their business regarding updates. It allows you to take your ad campaign to the next level.

Hootsuite software evaluates content from the user’s Facebook Page to determine what content is performing strongly, then create ads based on that data. It is the perfect introduction to Facebook ads and lets users get their ads to the right audience at the right time.

Cost: Hootsuite Professional plan costs $9.99/month. Other plans like Team and Business also available.

Driftrock: From medium-sized to larger businesses, this tool enables new marketing strategies that drive prove results.

Driftrock allows its users to connect the data in their CRM to their Facebook presence, combining both to create highly targeted campaigns. Driftrock allows users to specify unique “triggers: for their ads. For example, you can trigger ads based on weather and many other signals. You can use a variety of other signals to ensure that your ads are only running at an excellent time. This improves the chance of a better and positive ROI.

Cost: Diftrock does not list the price list on their website. You’ll have to contact Driftrock to find out more.

Pagemodo: Pagemodo is a Facebook tool with all kinds of features, but now, we’ll only share on their Facebook ads capabilities. It offers other functionality besides Facebook, including support for Twitter ads. For beginners, it’s a great step towards launching more successful campaigns. Use Pagemodo to design a cover photo, run a contest, and schedule your posts, design, and post graphics.

Pagemodo software’s analytic and performance measurement tools are easy to use, making this tool a great choice for businesses to experiment with advertising on Facebook.

Cost: All three of Pagemodo tool plans- Basic, Pro, and Agency are based on monthly annual payments. The Basic plan costs $9/month, the pro plan costs $19/month, and the agency plan costs you around $59/month. Further discounts are available if customers want to go for a 2-Year Agreement.


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