Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Traffic Faster than SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social media Optimization (SMO) both plays a very important role in increasing the overall presence of your website or blog in SERPs. While SEO is the common method used by most webmasters and website owners, but from last few years SMO is also becoming popular as the use of Social Media sites has exploded.

Although SEO and SMO work side by side, still there are many people who are giving more preference to SMO nowadays because it helps in getting more traffic to your website.

Here are the best Social Media Marketing Tips that can really help you:

• Fully Optimize your Pages and Profiles: Optimize your Profile or Page in such a way that is should be discovered via search. Use main keywords and tags that are relevant to your industry in the description and other required information.

• Determine the interests of your users and audience: Before starting any marketing campaign, indulge yourself in determining and finding the interesting topics and identify relevant issues that your customers are specifically looking for.

• Post Frequently: Post once or twice on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and on Google plus. You can post up to 5 tweets on Twitter using relevant Hash tags.

• Use trending and relevant Hash Tags: By using relevant Hash tags on your posts, you can easily derive lots of audiences and it helps in tracking promotions, targeting users by similar area of interest.

• Share and feature great and attractive images: Use great and candid shots of your products or business to promote your business page. This will help your followers to identify your business.

• Use Normal Language: Try to use more friendly and understandable format to write your posts. Don’t use too much corporate language.

• Avoid too much self-promotion: Promotion is important but over promotion can label you as a spammer in the eyes of your followers and audiences. This will have a negative effect on your Social Media.

• Ask Questions or Queries: Try to engage more audience through quizzes and by asking questions and opinions of other. This will be very beneficial in engaging your customers to your post.

• Schedule your Timing: Try to identify or use free followers analytics tools to discover when your followers are more active.

• Use Popups on your website or blog: According to Neil Patel, if your site or blog has POP Ups that ask for followers or ask you to join then there are very high chances that these will double your social media traffic within 1 month.

• Track your traffic through Google Analytics: All your efforts are a waste if you don’t keep track of from where your traffic is coming from. So is advised to check your Google Analytics regularly to track the website’s performance and channels from where the traffic is coming or going out.

To wrap up, these are just small social media marketing tips that you can follow to increase your traffic. Your regular efforts, strategies and patience will surely accelerate your success.


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