7 Reasons to Use Instagram for Business


Why use Instagram for business if it was developed as a photo-sharing platform for peoples? Photos sharing may be the first intended purpose, but did you know that you can use it to kick-start your business and helps you to reach your sales goals?

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, less competitive, and a more engaged audience than other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re a business owner, then you’ll be surprised to know that Instagram is the most cost-effective tool to promote your brand or service online. Those days are gone when peoples scare to make a huge investment in promoting their business online. The electronic media, news media, and many other such media were popular without any doubt, but they’re costly also.

Now that we have different social media platforms available, why wouldn’t we try to use them? Why wouldn’t we use them to generate more revenue for our business by promoting it?

Back then, Facebook and Twitter were the two best options for B2C business. But with the growing popularity of Instagram users, businesses are using this platform every single day. With more than 1 billion active users, it would be a great idea to bring your brand name in front of their eyes.

Here are top 7 reasons why your business needs Instagram:

Connect with Customers: While most people think about social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to connecting with customers and engaging with them online. You may be surprised to hear that Instagram has one of the most engaged user bases.

In fact, a study shows that Instagram generated 118 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

With such high engagement, Instagram is the perfect platform to connect with your customers, build a relationship with them, and listen to their feedback.

You can share a photo of your upcoming product or give them sneak peek of a new project and see what they have any input.

High Increasing Popularity of Instagram: The statics show an overwhelming amount of users on Instagram that keep increasing. Therefore, it indicates that Instagram becomes more crucial for business due to its high internet traffic and the condition of partnership with influencers and the revenue aspects that Instagram offers. Especially millennials are a marketing segment that is truly investing in online shopping and Instagram marketing methods must be targeted for attracting customers to them.

Advertise on Instagram: One of the main reason to use Instagram for business is Instagram Ads. If you’re not utilizing Instagram to advertise on social media, then you’re missing out huge revenues.

No doubt, you post great content on your page, but it is limited to only your followers. If you want to reach people that do not follow you and want to strengthen your social media presence, you need to create an Instagram Advertisement. In Instagram Ads, you can target a specific location or demographic, link directly to your landing page, and collect data.

These ads will appear on the user’s feed outside of your follower base. You can run targeted ads, or you can retarget customers.

Collaborate with Influencers: If you want to promote your brand with millions of peoples without spending too much, then collaborating with influencers is the best option for you. Once you build a relationship with influencers, you can reach their followers as your own.

However, you need to find the best influencer who deals with products and services that match your business. A dependable influencer can bring your business sales to a whole new level.

Build relationship with influencers that have huge following as well as respected and ask them to share your brand with their followers. This will make your brand more reliable and recognizable.

Interactive Short Stories: Instagram is a great way to show your potential customers that you’re more than just a faceless corporation. These could be done through engaging live stories and posts. These options are a great way to convince the user that they feel a positive bond with your business through your posts, stories, and products.

An amazing way to use live stories is to show behind the scenes of your company and the peoples who work there. Some of the examples are videos that show how your product is made, videos of office employees interacting with each other, and Q&A sessions between you and your audiences to build trust and credibility.

IG TV: A brand new feature that Instagram has recently introduced is IG TV. But why businesses use Instagram for TV? This new feature allows you to upload longer videos through channels in all vertical formats. It is much easier for users to discover your business channel. Your followers can like, comment, or share it just like a regular post.

For business, this means a chance to get more closer to their audience and not limited by time. It appears at the top of your profile for easy access.

Trust Signal for your Customers: Having an Instagram account is one ore signal that your business is real, reputable and transparent. Especially having a verified blue tick account is a trust signal for your future customers.

If you’re doing online business, having another social account where your followers can get to know more about your business is highly valuable.

Over to You

Surely you know the answer to why to use Instagram for Business. You can engage with customers, advertise your products, and increase brand awareness of your business. It’s not enough to only post images. You need to do many more things except posting photos.

Instagram is a social network that you should utilize no matter what kind of services or products you provide. You need to write attractive and engaging copies, using stories as well as keeping up with new features.


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