How to use Social Media for SEO


Social Media has grown from a small chat room to a full-scale web service that anyone can accomplish in just one click. With an abrupt increase in the volume of Facebook and Twitter users (including other platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and more), both Google and Bing have started considering it as a social signal in terms of ranking a website. So let’s dive into the detail, how it affects the website ranking in SERP.
When we are talking about social media, it indirectly helps search engine to understand the credibility of the website. Many digital marketers dive into the pool to find out how and why social media impacts the SEO but rather than discuss these facts, we will discuss how social media contribute to the overall organic success of a website.

  • Showcase Brand Image – Either you want to the increase the awareness of your brand or want to create a positive image, social media works for both. You can transform yourself from “scary corporation” to “friendly company next door” very quickly by just sharing your thoughts, images and other stuff of your brand in a right way.
  • Traffic Volume and Site Engagement – On the top of creating brand awareness, social media is very powerful in interaction with a huge amount of audience that belongs to your niche. “PURPOSE?” Is to gain a huge amount of relevant traffic that will further convert into sales and revenue.
  • Expand Sales and Reach New Audience – Your social media profiles will be pretty “BORING” 🙁 if you don’t have many followers, share and likes. Therefore, if you want to target a broad reach of new audience, then you must engage your users with some fresh and unique content. Show some variations in your post like meme, infographics, image post, create polls and much more.
  • Social Sharing Equals Social Link Building – Links are the most important thing that is used by search engines to decide how relevant is your website for a particular keyword or a phrase. As a marketer, you should encourage users to share your content on other platforms as well. Links to your content will increase the relevancy of the website in the eyes of search engines.

Final Thoughts:

As the search engines become more sophisticated at interpreting search intent, delivering relevant results, and fighting organic spam, the SEO tactics of yesterday no longer cut it. So, if you want to make your SEO Campaign successful, then SEO and Social Media should go hand in hand. Once the relationship between the two gets established, your efforts will pay off and a possibility to leave behind if not Millions of dollars than at least thousands in a week is sure.


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