Superlative Off-page SEO Practice: Follow to Avoid Google Hammer


SEO is the demand of every website owner; it is just like your income tax on web. It is the ability of a site to rank on top of search engines (Google) for some business related search terms. Most of the users are coming on the web through search engines now days so if you are not targeting them, you are surely missing something. Earlier it was easier to do SEO and rank well But things has changed a lot with time especially on Google. With latest updates like Panda, Penguin, EMD and Hummingbird etc, things becomes little hard but if you are doing right things the search engines will love you.

Now without taking much of your time let focus on our topic which is Offpage SEO, in other words link building. As the name suggest here we do all the activities off the website like promotions, business citation and SMM etc. it is like push based marketing.
AS we already discussed things in SEO changes every day so you need to keep updated with new SEO techniques. Here are the top offpage techniques that will surely help in boost your traffic and to get good ranking for your websites. Have a look:

  • Local Business Listings
    Social Bookmarking
    Classified Ads
    Blogging and Blog Marketing
    .Gov and .Edu websites
    Infographic Submission
    Doc and PDF File Submissions
    Profile creation on Social networking websites
    Web2.0 websites
    Forum Marketing
    Photo and Video Sharing
    Business Reviews
    Article Submission
    Answer Questions
    Social Media Marketing

All I can say is a great combination of all these strategies will bring some pleasant results for your website. But make sure you do right things at your end i.e. focus on building quality links and contents as Google is too smart now days.

Please share your experience if this post helps you or if you have any SEO related query to get sure shot solution!!


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