Latest Trends in SEO for 2017: Enjoy the Magic!!


Everyone knows SEO which is the process of improving your website visibility on search engine or in simple words ranking a website higher on search engines. SEO is changing every day with latest Google updates coming very frequently. SEO techniques are also changing with the search engine updates.

Gone are the days when you can rank higher only by building links in the bulk without bothering much about content or link quality. With latest Google updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, the quality of content and linking sites is second to none. Also you may be a victim of over optimization if you are building links in a bulk. So be careful!!

Here are latest trends in SEO that works magically in 2017:

  • Top Quality Content:: As I mentioned above, Informative content is the first priority in SEO. Whether you are adding to your website or writing for link building, your content should be unique and user friendly. Thanks to the hummingbird who is adding more preference to good quality content.
  • Social Media: It is also a ranking signal now. So it will definitely works in favor of you if you are having a good online reputation on major social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. Your site will look more natural with them. So I recommend adding SMM as a part of your SEO campaign.
  • High Quality Link Building: The value of quality backlinks can never be under estimated. Once Google try checking ranking without counting backlinks but the conditions then become so worse that they stop doing this. SO link building can never end. But the links you build should be high quality i.e. linking domain should have high Page rank, Trust Rank, Domain Authority etc.
  • Onpage Optimization: Onpage techniques still works like they were before as Google only controls black hat using Penguin update. So if you are using onpage techniques in a good way, you will get sure shot access. But make sure you follow latest search engine guidelines. Meta tags optimization, URL optimization, keyword analysis and content optimization everything should be in an ethical way. 
  • Avoid Black Hat Techniques: Never use black hat techniques as search engines are so advance now day that if you are doing an unethical practice like keyword stuffing, page cloaking, text hiding etc., you will surely get caught by one of the Google updates and get penalized. Once your website is penalized, it will be in the hit list of Google forever.
  • Stay Updated: Last but not the least, stay updated with latest search engine guideline and SEO techniques as you are facing a huge completion on search engines and “Updation is the Power of Survival in SEO”. Otherwise someone else will be on top of you. papa murphys feedback survey

 So keep doing SEO but make search engine happy. This is the way to go now days!!


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