5 Ways to Use Facebook Lead Gen Ads You’re Not Thinking


Facebook Ads are just an example of online advertising. They were developed to help lead generation companies, B2B, or B2C, generate leads to follow up their sales plans.

But it does not only stop there.

Just because something has developed for a specific purpose doesn’t mean that there is only one use for it.

Most of the companies have found some way to use personal information of the leads to their benefit.

Leads gen ads are a super easy and fast way to get information as someone is surfing their favorite on social media platforms.

You have to spend money to make money.

And to make money, you need to get the high quality leads at a low cost as quickly as possible.

Facebook Leads are a great way to achieve it, but only if you follow the best practices, which you’ll read in this post.

Facebook ads will continue to be a top way for sellers and brands to advertise their goods and products. But brands now use Facebook as a form of lead gen by encouraging potential customers to sign up for their e-mails or newsletters. Then use customer’s information for benefit.

In this post, you’ll see five ways to create high converting Facebook Lead Ad examples and why they work so well.

Let’s dive in.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook lead ads are those ads that show on the users’ feeds and stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook lead ads help businesses to collect user’s information, such as e-mail and phone numbers, without leaving the platform.

Similar to other types of paid ads, Facebook lead ads allow you to reach your specific targeted audience on both platforms.

Schedule Appointments:

This lead gen ads option allows the advertiser to customize a question and confirmation message. This can be used to ask potential customers when they would like their appointment to schedule and instruction them to leave their personal information for follow-up.

If you have a reason to set a time with a customer, an appointment scheduling option could be an option for you.

This type of ads could be used for lead gen companies like insurance- or could also be used for scheduling massage appointments, hair appointments, and reserving a table at a restaurant.

Newsletter Sign Ups:

Newsletters or regular email updates about sales, newly launch products etc., are great ways to get customers to visit their e-commerce stores.

For this option, lead gen ads have a very easy setup. The information needed for someone to sign up for your mailing list should be minimal. You could ask for an email and phone number or only an email.

Early Notice of Sales and Events:

Does your online store have the potential to give some users access to an event or sales earlier than others?

Think about things that you have limited stocks and are high in demand. Like concert tickets, event tickets of an exclusive show, or early or access to Summer Season sales.

Using lead gen ads, you can offer these to your targeted audiences, then either email them their passes or give it to them directly.

For example, if you’re giving early online access to a clothing sale, maybe you go ahead and put the offer code directly in the thank you portion of the lead gen ad so the user gets it immediately.

Sign Up and Get Rewards Program:

Almost every company has a reward program like Restaurants, Clothing Stores, and Grocery Stories, etc. They always as if you want to sign up before you’re checking out.

Like, “If you sign up now, you’ll get 20% off on this purchase.”

And in many situations, it works well.

If you’re able to target your audiences on Facebook, this could be a great way to get users to sign up before coming to their stores rather than asking them on the spot when they’re checking out.

Gathering Feedback from Users:

The custom question part of the lead gen ad form makes them a really powerful tool. And you don’t even have to ask for any personal information in a lead gen form.

These are easy questions that you could ask through lead gen forms.

a few peoples responded to the form, it’s better to have that feedback than none at all.

You could easily create a remarketing audience of users who have been to your website and target them with a short User Experience question.


Facebook Lead gen ads are not just for leads gen companies anymore.

May be few of these practices could work for your business. This way you can leverage this tool to help your business, even if lead gen is not your goal.


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