7 Quick eCommerce PPC Tactics & Tips to Increase Revenue

eCommerce PPC Management Tips

Every business needs the buyers whether it is an eCommerce store or any other to boost their sales. And to get the more buyers, it is must to increase the reach of your business. This can happen only with the help of PPC. Pay per click (PPC) is an effective online advertising service nowadays. It not only helps to increase the visibility of a website but also helps to get more customers. It helps the startups and old businesses to appear in the top search results. It is one of the best ways to achieve your goal in a short span of time. We just need to use it wisely.

Let’s discuss why PPC is important for your eCommerce business:

As we now, more and more people are doing shopping online nowadays. So, you need to showcase your products online to attract the more customers towards your website. For this, PPC is the great medium to appear your products on the first page of search results. PPC brings the more qualified leads and helps to convert the visitors into sales.

With the help of PPC, you can bid on the targeted keywords. For example: If you sell laptops then you can bid on the keywords such as “buy dell laptop online”, “buy HP laptop online” and more relevant keywords. So, it is easier to convert those people who are searching for these keywords. They have high purchase intent.

There are lots of PPC advertising platforms but the most popular ones are Google Adwords and Facebook. Being a digital marketing expert, I’d say these two platforms are a great way to expand the reach and get more conversions. The aim of these two platforms is to bring more visitors to your website so that you have the opportunity to convert them into customers.

But to make your PPC campaigns successful you need to use the powerful strategy. You should know the advanced optimizations tips to increase your revenue. Tune into this post to know the top eCommerce PPC strategies.

Top eCommerce PPC Tactics:

#1 Google Shopping ads:

Shopping ads are product ads – they can take the users directly to your product. So that user can purchase the product which he/she looking for without any hassle. They are more eye-catching than text-based ads as they allow you to feature elements like pricing, promotions. It is proven then shopping ads are more influencing and driving more clicks. They are more relevant to your users. See the below screenshot to know how shopping ads look in Google:

Google Shopping Ads Example

But to run it successfully, here are the few tips that you should consider:

1) Use the compelling and high-quality picture

2) Add the accurate price

3) Add the promotional offers such as free shipping, 10% discounts etc to attract more visitors

4) Add the specific product titles and description

5) Add the appealing ads extensions.

6) Last but not least – keep your shopping feeds up-to-date

#2 Remarketing ads:

Run a remarketing campaign as it helps you to target those people who visit your website previously and leave it before making any purchase. You can get more valuable and quality customers. You will get a better conversion rate and ROI from remarketing campaigns. It keeps your visitors engaged so that they can easily convert into sales. This is a great way to target the visitors on the basis of their behaviors and interest on your website.

#3 Dynamic Remarketing ads:

This is another powerful strategy to target previous visitors. Do not confuse between remarketing and dynamic remarketing. There is a bit difference between them. Both have the same purpose but the approach is different. Let me explain you:

Remarketing campaign – It helps to target previous visitors by showing them your products.

Dynamic remarketing – While it presents the ad of the same products or similar products to your visitors which they viewed on the website earlier but didn’t purchase it. Such kind of visitors is easily convertible as they are more likely interested in purchasing the product.

Remarketing Ads

Top eCommerce PPC Tips:

#1 Keep an Eye on Your Competitors:

It is also one of the most important factors to staying ahead of your competitors. Keep a close eye on your competitors to see if their product prices are falls and rises. If your products prices are higher than your customer than you may lose your customers. Because everyone compares the products with competitors before purchasing it. And that’s obvious he/she will make the purchase from that website which providing lowest prices and more offers. You need to be competitive to get the attention of more customers.

#2: Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are must to reduce the irrelevant clicks. It will stop showing your ads to those searches which are not relevant to your website. It helps to decrease the CPC (cost per click) of your ads and you will get more qualified data. Do research and build your own keywords list. This is just a one-time effort but helpful in the long run.

#3 A/B Testing of Product Pages

Landing pages are always important to improve the ads performance and bring more customers. Don’t mislead users with wrong landing page as it is really frustrating and you can lose your customers trusts. Also, it leaves the negative brand impression. It is not a wise decision to depend on one landing page for all products. You should have a separate landing page for each product.  A high-quality landing page is must fulfill the certain expectation of users. Always land the users to the specific product page which they are looking for. So that they can get all the information in one place.

Here are the few tips to create successful landing page:

i) Add clear product image

ii) Add complete information such as features and specification about the product

iii) Add the product description in detail

iv) Add the customers’ reviews about product

v) Add the special offers or discounts etc

Tried and test method always get more success. So, I’d recommend going with A/B testing as it is the better idea to see which one is performing well. Nowadays there are many tools available for A/B testing such as Unbounce and Google analytics experiments etc. You can research on the web.

#4 Setup right Conversion Tracking Code.

Last but not least, do the conversion setup to know which ads, ad campaigns, and ad groups are bringing conversions. So that you can pause the non-performing ones which are wasting only money. Additionally, you can easily track the total revenue generated from the ads.

Final Words:

There are lots of practices, tips and tactics are required to make your PPC campaigns successful. You need to optimize your campaigns on regular basis to get more exposure. Better optimization will help you to maximize quality customers, conversions and online sales as well.

The above-mentioned tips are evergreen which every eCommerce business needs to succeed. If you have any other tips, feel free to share with us through comment.



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